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Avatar the Most Expensive Commercial Ever?

Posted on: December 20, 2009 2:02 am
<!--StartFragment-->I thought that Super Bowl commercials were expensive! I just got out of the Movie Avatar! Wow, it was amazing special effects, scenery and really cool from a technical standpoint. I am just ticked off that I made an uninformed $20.00 donation to the worlds most recent religious denomination! That being the "Anti-Christ/God but let's replace that with the let's all bow down and literally worship Mother Earth" and while were at it completely disparage the U.S. military (especially the Marines)! While I would give my life to defend Mr. Cameron's right to produce this movie. I am truly disappointed in myself for having subsidized his speech! Please don't make the same mistake that I did! If you hate this country and believe that Mother Earth is our great savior then by all means support his "Religion!" I for one intend to inform all that I see about this $400 million dollar 2 1/2 hour commercial for the promotion of U.S. disdain and Mother Earth Worship! The greatest danger of this religion is the fact that it is identified by it's followers as a “Dogma” not a religion and therefore not a “threat” to our children. Making matters worse is that many of our world political leaders have swallowed this Dogma hook line and sinker and are forcing us to pay for it! Imagine the outrage if Mitt Romney became President of the United States and forced everyone to have money for his church deducted from your paycheck, whether you were a member of his faith or not. They would be running things so you’d get to pay for it! So yes I am on my soapbox and almost sprained my ankle getting up there! Bottom line: If you want to make a statement against Mr. Cameron's religious and political view's then don't see the movie! If you don't mind making a generous donation to his church and seeing some great action and some fascinating technology then it's up to you. At least you'll be informed!<!--EndFragment-->
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